Woman's Breast Health QUESTIONS:

  • We are a holistic Women's Health Center
  • We find Breast issues before they become problems
  • As women, we spend far too little time on our own Breast Health
  •  Breasts  are a big part of who we are and how we feel
  • We believe you must be proactive in your health not reactive
  • Thermography opens up a window in a woman's breast health. Locating issues, from hormone imbalance to breast cancer
  •  Helping Women concerned about changes in their Breasts
  • We help women with Dense & Fibrocystic Breasts tissue
  • Woman of all ages
  • We are the Alternative to Damaging Radiation


Our Thermography Offices Use theBREAST STRESS STUDY SYSTEM.

Why OurInfrared Thermography
screening ?

Peace of Mind Through Safe and Early Detection!

Our experts can explain ways to lower your breast cancer risk. Find out how to make the right choices in foods & body care items.

It's About Breast Health


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Smart foods

Learn about the hormone changing chemicals in your everyday health and grooming products.

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Breast Cancer



Learn About Mammography and the Status Quo

Learn how to educate and integrate healing foods in your daily diet.

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What is the Best  and Safest Breast Screening Tool for Me?

The Alternative to Mammograms

Thermography Wellness Center

A GREAT Documentary to open ones eyes, about mammography in Great Britain and the US.

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