• We are a Holistic Women's Health Center.
  • We find and help Correct Breast issues before they become problems.
  • As women we spend far to little time on our own breast Health.  Breasts  are a big part of who we are and how we feel about ourselves.
  • Thermography opens up a window in a woman's breast health. Locating issues, from hormone imbalance to breast cancer.
  •  Helping Women  concerned about changes in their Breasts.
  • We help women that have Dense & Fibrocystic Breast tissue.
  • We are the Best Alternative to Damaging Radiation.
  • Women of all ages.

1)     Temperature Controlled room  ~ 68°f

2)     Equilibration for 15 minutes

3)    Functional testing with two-series, cool-water protocol.

4)     Multiple spot temperatures recorded and reported.

5)     Specific numerical  scoring system to show levels of breast health.

6)     Temperature scale shown in each image and palate being read.

All done behind a privacy screen with no pain or embarrassment!

The Two Series Study System for better accuracy.

First Series Therm

Your innate intelligence knows its normal blood supply.  When you get cold, the blood leaves your extemeties (hands, feet, breasts) to go to the abdomen to keep your organs warm.  When cancer is growing, it creates its own blood supply, not known by your innate intelligence, thru a process called angiogenesis.  There for after the cool water challenge, the second series of scans should show a decrease in temperatures and change in vascular patterns.  

Why Us

She reads your thermograms in multiple views and palates, looking for differences in temperatures and vascular patterns. 


The Breast Stress Study System

Second Series Therm 

    ( after cool water )


Why Choose Thermography Wellness Center for your BREAST SCREENING

Our Specific

Thermography Screening Protocols

Thermography Wellness Center

Why the Stress Study:

Dr Claire personally reads  your Thermal Scans.  She does not send them out to be read by others.  You also get a personal audio explanation your report .

Why Thermography Wellness Center ?

In our temperature controlled Imaging Suite, you relax as your body acclimates behind our privacy screen.  After the acclimation process, we take 2 separate series of thermal images.  The first series is your baseline, before you place your hands in cool water. The second series is the “Stress Study” series.  This is to record the changes in your physiological response, to the cool water diagnostic test.  Finished in about 20 minutes.  This “Breast Stress Study System” is the only proven method to result in up to 97% accuracy.  Dr Claire, with her Fellowship and Board Certification in Thermography, will read your thermal images and write the report, using a Risk Scoring System that actually access your risk, which is one that has been proven to be the most accurate.  You will receive a printed and a personal audio report of your results by Dr Claire.