Thermography Wellness Center

Dr O'Neill Speaking at Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

  • No harmful Radiation
  • No contact or compression of delicate breast tissue
  • Catches Breast Cancer 5 to 8 years before mammograms, ultra sounds and self breast exam etc
  • Views whole breast and chest areas ( 70 % of cancer found in chest region)

Dr Tom Hudson Radiologist and Thermologist.Excerpt from "The Promise" a documentary.

Dr Claire O'Neill:

The History and How to Monitor Your Breast Health with Thermography

Our Thermography Imaging

In our temperature controlled Imaging Suite, you relax as your body acclimates behind our privacy screen.  After the acclimation process, we take 2 separate series of thermal images.  The first series is your baseline, before you place your hands in cool water. The second series is the “Stress Study” series.  This is to record the changes in your physiological response, to the cool water challenge.  Finished in about 20 minutes.  This “Breast Stress Study System” is the only proven method to result in 97% accuracy.  Dr Claire, with her Fellowship in Thermography, will read your thermal images and write the report using a scoring system that actually accesses your risk, the one we use is one that has been proven to be the most accurate way to do so.  You will receive a personalized  written report with an audio explaining  your results by Dr Claire.

What is Thermography