Thermography Preparation

Thermography Wellness Center

Preparation Guide for Breast Thermography

Please note that if you had breast surgery, chemotherapy or radiation in the past 3 months, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.

We want your body temperature to be as normal as possible.  
Thermography is infrared photography and heat sensitive only.

Before Your Appointment, Follow These Instructions Carefully To Insure Valid Test Results.

5 days

Avoid any natural or artificial tanning. Sunburn of the underarms, front of neck, chest or breast area could interfere with results.

3 days

Avoid any physical manipulation, examination, or compression of the breasts (ex. Self-Breast Exams, Clinical Breast Examinations or diagnostic Ultrasound and X-Ray Mammograms).

36 hours

Please call us to reschedule if you get a significant fever

(over 101 F) within 36 hours of your appointment.

24 hours

Do not shave areas to be imaged within 24 hours (under arms-etc.).
Do not use a saunas or steam-rooms.
Do not use hot/cold packs directly contacting the breasts.

No physical therapy or use of TENS (electrical stimulation).
No acupuncture, chiropractic, ultrasound treatment.

On The Day Of Your Appointment

Wear loose fitting garments prior to the exam.
Remove any jewelry in the area to be imaged.

When nursing, please complete 30 minutes before the exam.
Please do not bring your child into the office with you, as it will affect the outcome of your results.

Day of:

No powders on your breasts or underarms.

No deodorants, skin creams, lotions, or perfumes on areas of imaging.

 6 hours

No pain medications or aspirin.

Please notify the staff if you have taken medications, including blood pressure, alpha-blocker, circulation, anti-coagulant medicines, and aspirin or pain medication. Be sure to check with your doctor if changes to your schedule must be made.

4 hours

Shower or bathe and exercise as needed, at least 4 hours before your exam.

2 hours

Do not eat any food or drink any hot/cold beverages.
No smoking, tobacco, inhalants, chewing gum, or caffeinated beverages.
Please, drink water as usual.

We look forward to seeing you and providing your thermography services.
If you need to change your appointment, please call 323.662.2891, at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time as a courtesy to others and to avoid a missed appointment fee.