Thermography Wellness Center

Nordic Cochrane Centers : An International Network of Independent Researchers found:0.05% of women avoid death because of a mammogram.

Southampton University : Increase exposure to harmful radiation.  False positives could be as high as 40%.  Mammograms cause a net harm!

1987 – 2010  Mammograms have doubled.  Yet only   2%  decrease in Breast Cancer Deaths.

Dr John Gofman MD,PhD•Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley.
•Nobel Prize winner.
•Manhattan Project.
•Established Biomedical Research Division Livermore National Laboratory – Chromosomal abnormalities and cancer.
•NO Safe Amounts of Radiation.
•Estimated that over half of all breast cancers could be attributed to radiation exposure

.•1 Mammogram series equals 1000 chest x-rays !•Radiation Accumulates!

Dr. Baum M.D., Developer and 12 year Director of England's Mammography Program. 

Speaking on the Faults Positives of Mammography

How Effective is Mammography