Dr Claire H O'Neill DC,


Dr. Claire H. O’Neill, DC, FICPA, FICCT, BCCT, has been a part of GFCA Wellness since 1993, focusing on family wellness.  Dr. Claire is a sought after lecturer, speaker, and author on many wellness subjects including diagnostic skills,  chiropractic adjusting, sports injury, nutrition, thermography, pregnancy, and pediatrics.  The latter three she lectures for the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for doctor’s relicensing hours.  Dr. Claire has her fellowship in Chiropractic Pregnancy and Pediatrics, and is also a Board Certified Clinical Thermologist.  She received her training from  Dr. George Chapman, one of the original pioneers of Thermography. She is not only certified, she has her Fellowship in Thermography.  Dr. Claire is currently working on her Diplomat with Dr. George Chapman DC, CCSP, BSCTP, DABCT, DIACT, DICACT, DICBE, FIACA. Thermal imaging is one of the most effective tools for screening for early breast cancer and other Breast and Neuromusculoskeletal   issues.  Dr. Claire will read your thermal images, write your report,  and give a personal audio  review with it.

Thermography Wellness Center


Debra Wychgel, CTT, CEC, CA, CMT currently serves as Dr. Claire O’Neill’s’ Clinical Thermography Technician in addition to offering Shiatsu Therapy at the office. She has been with the GFCA Family since 1997.  She’s a Chiropractic advocate for life, who regularly attends health conventions, practice management workshops and postgraduate seminars earning a lifetime of certificates and awards.  Debra is a qualified Clinical Thermographic Technician taught by Dr. George Chapman DC, CCSP, BSCTP, DABCT, DIACT, DICACT, DICBE, FIACA.one of the original pioneers of Clinical Thermography. She is actively working with Dr. Claire to promote and educate patients and health care providers on the benefits and welfare of Thermography as a primary option in screening for breast cancer and other pathological conditionsType your paragraph here.

Debra Wychgel, CTT, CEC, CA, CMT

Dr Chapman conferring on a thermogram with Dr O'Neill